Riley Whiting Tall Case Clock

This historic tall case clock was made by Riley Whiting of Winchester, CT in the early 1800's (circa 1810).  It has had some early cosmetic modifications to the the case, but the wooden movement and painted dial are largely original. The wood used to make the case appears to be pine and the surface does not show signs of every being painted.  It may have had a thin coat of shellac but even that is gone now.  It appears that the swan neck trim and finials on the hood are a later addition to the case, but only to replace similar features probably removed to fit the clock into a low ceiling location.  The feet have not been removed from the original case.  The glass "porthole" in the front door appears to be a later addition.  Many times modifications to clock cases were made to accommodate changes in styles and personal taste. All of the mentioned modifications were done many years ago,  as the wood has "aged" uniformly for the entire case. The clock stands 94 and 1/2" tall (just under 8 feet).  This unique clock will not be shipped, but it is available for pickup or local delivery. The original wood movement would be cleaned and repaired if necessary and this is included in the sale price.  


Asking $2800

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