Escape Wheel Repairs/Replacement

Example of an American Clock Movement With an Outside the Plates Escape Wheel

The escape wheel (the gear with the pointy sharp teeth on the right) is really the heart of the clock. This wheel is truly the "ticker", in that it is responsible for properly apportioning the power from the mainspring by giving the pendulum a small push at each end of its swing. (Note the badly worn bushing in the very middle of this photograph).

The escape wheel is the heart of the time train.  It is a specially cut gear with sharp pointy teeth that, along with the pallets, is responsible for time regulation and supplying power to keep the pendulum in motion. The Time & Again logo is actually a detailed drawing of an escape wheel and it's interacting pallets.   The escape wheel and pallets are responsible for the ticking sound of a clock.  Since the escape wheel teeth are long and thin, they are often prone to wear and misalignment.  Time & Again is equipped with the special tools to straighten and align escape wheel teeth for proper operation.  We are also equipped to make replacement escape wheels if the original is worn or damaged beyond repair. 

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