Gear/Wheel Replacement

Cutting a New Gear

This is a photo of a brass gear being cut on a milling machine.  The blank gear blank is turned on a lathe to the proper diameter and then placed on the milling machine, held in place with a dividing head.  The dividing head is a precision tool that can divide a circle into nearly any number of equal parts. So depending on how many teeth are required, the dividing head turns precisely 1 increment at a time. The cutter cuts a groove and the dividing head then turns the gear to the next position.  

In the event that a gear is damaged or worn beyond repair, Time & Again is equipped with the most modern machine tools to fashion a replacement on most medium to large clock movements.  This requires a lathe, vertical mill and dividing head along with the proper assortment of cutting tools to properly perform this task. Replacement gears are indistinguishable from their original counterparts.  

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