Movement Overhauls


German Chime Clock Disassembled For Cleaning


In order to assure that your clock will give you many years of faithful service, our movement overhauls are comprehensive. 
    1. Upon receipt of your clock, we first bench test it to determine operability. If desired, a pre-disassembly report is made to the owner, making every effort to provide an accurate estimate of the cost of overhaul and repairs.
    2. All movements are photographed and documented prior to disassembly.  
    3. At Time & Again, we believe that "cleaning" a movement without disassembly is at best a half measure.  All* movements are completely dissassembed and ultrasonically cleaned in professional cleaning solutions.  
    4. After cleaning and while the movement is disassembled, all parts are checked for damage and wear.   All  damaged and worn parts are repaired or replaced at reasonable additional charge.  (Most of the time, repairs are preestimated in Step 1, but until the movement is disassembled some damage and wear could go undetected).
    5. After cleaning and repairs (if needed), all pivots and bushings are burnished.  The movement is reassembled and dry tested prior to lubrication.  The various trains are synchronized for proper operation.
    6. The  movement is then lubricated with a variety of professional clock lubricants depending on the point of application.  
    7. The movement is thoroughly bench tested through at least 2 winding cycles to assure proper operation.  At this time, the movement is also adjusted for proper timekeeping. 
    8. Finally the movement is reunited with it's case.

Note:   *  It is not cost effective to completely disassemble certain movements. In such cases, a partial disassembly is performed to keep your costs down. 

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